JoJo’s comeback is the feel-good pop music event of 2015. After spending the best part of a decade stuck in label limbo, the 24-year-old finally extricated herself from Blackground Records last year and promptly signed with Atlantic. She is now making up for lost time by releasing three new singles — or a Tringle! — on August 21. (“When Love Hurts,” “Save My Soul” and “Say Love” are streaming on her website right now).

I [Brad] had lunch with the “Leave (Get Out)” diva earlier this week and fired off a barrage of questions over white wine and Italian food. As expected, JoJo was an absolute delight and happily chatted about topics as diverse as her long-overdue third album and Lifetime biopics. She also explained how the Tringle is going to work at radio and shed some light on those unreleased albums. Find out everything you need to know about the much-loved pop star’s new beginning below.

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