For fans of JoJo, the wait for new music has been a long one. But now, the 24-year-old has made a return in a huge way, flaunting a more mature sound and style. While her career started at 13 years old with an infectious R&B-infused pop song that went viral—cue “Leave (Get Out)”—she released two records and then went dark for a few years, releasing only mixtapes because of a record deal gone awry. Earlier this year she released her “tringle” III, where she showed off how much she’s grown since singing about childhood love.

Sporting an edgier look and bringing back the eyebrow ring trend, we had to chat with JoJo about what fashion looks like for her nowadays. She filled us in on the tour necessities that make her look fly and keep her star power going. (Read More…)

Posted by admin on December 19 • Interview

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