Take a spin through JoJo‘s home and you’ll get a good sense of just how much the singer has accomplished in her 25 years. On the walls are personalized pieces from noted street artists; her jewelry collection includes at least one epic necklace from friend and collaborator Thundercat; and her jam-packed closet is literally brimming with stories of photo shoots, high-fashion finds, and performance memories. Yes, the “Too Little Too Late” singer has been a chart-topping star since she was 13, but she’s also seen and done a hell of a lot in between then and now, including last year’s comeback EP III. The “tringle,” as she calls it, is a quantum leap from the R&B-tinged pop of her early career, mixing house beats and hyper personal lyrics with the powerhouse vocals she’s been flexing since the start. And, according to Jo, it’s just a hint of what’s to come.

Next week, JoJo heads to Europe for a string of shows in support of III. Leading up to the tour, we took a peek into her closet and chatted about music, style icons, and pre-show routines for our latest edition of Behind the Seams. Check out all the goodness we uncovered below. For a full rundown of JoJo’s tour dates, visit her website.

How would you describe your personal style?
I love to dress in what makes me feel cool and confident. Street, chic, comfort, a dash of fab, layers, mixed fabrics; I like to play with menswear too, and I always have a statement accessory or a special jewelry piece I wear day after day. My nails are another canvas to play on; I like looking at them seeing a design that I dig.

How does your day-to-day look compare to what you wear onstage?
Onstage I like to have a little more skin showing since I sweat my ass off under the lights. I like to have a long jacket to take off during the show. On the day-to-day I dress however I feel. Printed shirts, dope jeans, or leather pants. Always a jacket, preferably long. Jackets have become the staple of my wardrobe.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
Etro, Dries Von Noten, Libertine, Helmut Lang, Barbara Bui.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?
Barneys, Kin, random vintage stores, the Cabazon Outlets, Urban Outfitters for staples like tank tops and some cool one-off pieces.

Who are your icons?
Janelle Monáe, Joni Mitchell, Cher.

What got you into music?
Both my parents sang and I was constantly around music growing up. I started singing when I was two years old and never stopped. As long as I can remember it’s been my obsession and my greatest love.

What do you like the most about playing music for a living?
The high I get from being onstage and feeling the energy from the audience. The human connection. Music is a universal language.

What’s your pre-show prep routine?
I stretch my body and my voice. I drink a gang of water (hot and room temperature) and do some ab exercises. I pray with my crew. Try to stop freaking out (I get nervous) and repeat an affirmation that I’m meant to be here and by God’s grace all will be well.

Do you have any secret beauty tricks or hacks?
I sleep with my hair in four tight braids, then wake up, spray some Oribe dry spray at the roots, put some serum at the ends, and brush them out and keep it movin’! I always curl my lashes. It opens up my eyes and makes a quick but big difference. Lately I’ve been putting a pump of foundation in my hand with some moisturizer and a little brightening highlighter and apply it all over my face. It’s sheer and makes for healthy looking skin.

Are there any crazy clothing scores you’re especially proud of?
An Etro jacket I got for 70% off at an outlet sale, and a pair of thousand dollar leather pants that I scored for $299!! I loooooove a bargain and tell everyone after I come upon one.


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