If you were a tween in the early aughts, chances are you remember JoJo. The then-13-year-old singer was thrust into the public consciousness with her infectious single “Leave (Get Out),” which quickly skyrocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard Pop songs chart, making her the youngest solo artist in the country to do so.

Now, after a very public seven-year battle with her former label, Blackground Records, JoJo is back—and she sounds even better than you remember. If you want proof, she dropped by InStyle HQ to give us the lowdown on her new album, Mad Love, out Oct. 14, and performed two songs in a live broadcast on our Facebook page.

Hit play to watch the full video below, and read on for our Q&A with the singer.

What was the inspiration behind Mad Love?
My experience away from the spotlight in the past few years and getting to fall in and out of love, have my heart broken, break a couple hearts, and my relationship with music in this industry is a bit mad and crazy. But really what Mad Love means to me is the abundance of love that I feel for getting to do what I love and still having support after all of these years—after going through lawsuits with my label and being able to be on this other side of it is just the best feeling.

How has your sound evolved since your last album, The High Road?
I’m a lot more sure of myself and I’m more confident as a collaborator and as a writer. On Mad Love, you’re going to hear songs that are all from me—I either wrote them or co-wrote them. That was something that was really important to me—that my DNA was woven into the fabric of this record. It couldn’t happen any other way, otherwise, what did I fight for? The root is still in R&B, hip-hop, and soul.

What’s it like touring with Fifth Harmony?
Lots of girl power and camaraderie. A few of us started this little fit fam where we work out together in the venues, going up and down the stairs, and holding each other accountable.

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