If you are told “Leave (Get Out)”, it reminds you something? It is normal, on February 24, 2004, Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque aka JoJo made a shattering entry in the charts with this tube that will reach summits to the four corners of the globe. After an eponymous album released the same year and The High Road in 2006, the singer originally from Massachusetts is experiencing a difficult period where the relationship with her former label (Blackground Records) will not be fine. Two mixtapes, three eps and especially ten years later, JoJo finally unveils with a new album that was naturally long awaited by her fans, always loyal. What happened in the life of the young artist between the release of “Too Little Too Late” and her latest single “F *** Apologies”? At 26, JoJo seems more determined than ever to return to the current musical landscape and it falls well: her third album is a success. From her beginnings to the recording of Mad Love, to her admiration for Beyoncé who could grab all the Grammys or her dream collaborations with Bruno Mars (confirmed for a performance at the Grammy Awards) and Frank Ocean, JoJo delivers herself entirely In an exclusive interview given to Melty.

Melty: What’s it like to be back in Paris?

JoJo: “I’m so happy to be here! It’s been a while and every time I want to stay a little longer … With the tour, it’s a new adventure!”

Melty: Ten years after the second, your third album is finally in the box. How do you feel ?

JoJo: “I know, it’s starting to daring!” I feel relieved to have it released and happy that it is finally available for my fans, after all the complications that there have been in recent years. Very well, I started my tour and I could not ask for better. ”

Melty: You worked on the project with several people like Justin Tranter, Joshua Monroy or MNEK. How was it in the studio?

JoJo: “It was really great to work in the same room and to exchange ideas. I preferred to do things in small groups with the same people to make the project coherent and more consistent than if I had I’ve been able to do that with my mixtapes, but this time I was more interested in something intimate, where I could engage and work with people who understand me. People are very talented and they have brought me a lot, both musical and personal. I am lucky to have crossed them on my way.

Melty: Did you keep exclusively new songs for Mad Love?

JoJo: “All the songs that finished on my album were recorded last year, so everything is new except one that is special enough for me. It’s the title” I am “, it dates from About three years, I had recorded it and left it until now but I remembered it, I thought it would find its perfect place on Mad Love.

Melty: Besides, you chose the next single?

JoJo: “Yes my choice is already made, but I can not say anything for now … It will be a surprise!”

Melty: You’re still the youngest artist to have won a number 1 with “Leave (Get Out)” at the Billboard Pop Songs. Are you proud of it?

JoJo: “Am I proud of that? I would not say that but it’s something I remember with a certain tenderness … Proudly not the right word. Realized that but I am more of a kind to focus on the future than to revisit the past, but of course it reminds me of a beautiful period of my life!

Melty: Speaking of this single, do you still like to sing it on stage?

JoJo: “Frankly, I love to take this title on stage, maybe I would not have said that a few years ago … At the beginning I was really not a fan of” Leave ” Only 12 years when I recorded it in the studio so the lyrics did not speak to me … But against all expectation I learned to love it with time. Now I enjoy singing it in front of my fans, Is always a special moment during the concerts! Before I could not identify with the lyrics but after being deceived and deceiving me also my little friends, I finally see what this song is about!

Melty: In 2009 you collaborated with Timbaland on the title “Lose Control”. Was that how to work with her?

JoJo: “It was really nice to work with Timbaland in the studio, and at that time he helped me to trust myself, I’m a pretty perfectionist. My voice was perfect, he was always there telling me “Stop, do not be too hard on yourself, your voice is great there.” Besides, I worked with Timbaland recently on ‘One of her projects that will happen this year.’

Melty: After taking over Drake’s “Marvin’s Room”, did you consider collaborating together?

JoJo: “I love this song of Drake’s, it was obvious to me to take it back, I love everything it does and then it has become so heavy in the industry. Which weighs today. We have never talked about doing something together but if it is going, I will be so of course! ”

Melty: Who would you dream of collaborating in the future?

JoJo: “There are a lot of artists I would like to work with, such as Frank Ocean or Bruno Mars, I think they have an incredible voice, and it would be an honor to work with them. A lot of Solange’s last album, A Seat At The Table, I like everything she does. ”

Melty: During all these years, you have remained faithful to your musical tastes. Has anyone ever tried to change your style?

JoJo: “There are some moments in my career where I was advised to make songs in styles that did not necessarily correspond to me. But I always stood up, having arguments to keep doing this I always had the last word. ”

Melty: Your relationships with your old label were complex, now you feel more free?

JoJo: “I was always able to express myself and do what I wanted to do musically, but at times it was more complicated than others. I always had to fight for something and My third album was rejected so many times … Fortunately, most importantly, I found many ways to continue doing what I liked during this period, for example by going out of the mixtapes.

Melty: Will one day get the Demonstrate clip?

JoJo: “Oh no I think this clip will never come out … I do not know the reasons why” Demonstrate “has never been exploited, but I’ve never seen the end result myself. Maybe one day, with a little hope! ”

Melty: We often compare you to Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Brandy or Kelly Clarkson for your voice. What do you think ?

JoJo: “Being compared to Beyoncé or Mariah Carey is something that really delights me, I take it of course as a compliment, and being compared to these exceptional artists is truly an honor, I admire these singers And I have listened to them all at least once in my life. ”

Melty: You’ve had ups and downs in your career, is it important for you to be number 1 and sell a lot of records today?

JoJo: “Interesting … Obviously it’s nice to see her name at the top of the charts next to number 1, but that’s not what governs my career today. Would I feel I do not think so, it’s not an end, but all that matters is that I make the music I love and share it every night with my fans on stage. Is what makes me feel alive, if it happens so much better, but it is not the ultimate goal that I seek in music. What are your favorite songs from JoJo?

Translated from: Melty.fr

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