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JoJo‘s album, “good to know” is available now! JoJo will also be performing at JDRF’s Virtual Imagine Gala this Saturday, June 27. For info head on over to

This segment aired on the KTLA Morning News June 24, 2020.

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As a part of our ongoing #Pride365 video series, PRIDE sat down (via Zoom) with the one and only JoJo for a deep dive into her life and new album!

You might remember her from hit songs “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late,” but Jojo is all grown and sexy now! Her new album, good to know, just came out earlier this month and it is a slick and sensual R&B kiss-off to an ex that explores past mistakes, sex, self-love, and learning to move forward.

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With an agile, impressive voice, JoJo has now been lighting up the pop world with her vocal acrobatics and raw, lush, and introspective tracks since she was only 13 years old when she became the youngest female solo artist with a number one hit with “Get Out.” Whether she is tearing it up with thick, layered vocals over catchy tracks or stripping down to bare acoustic essentials on introspective ballads, JoJo can easily step into a variety of musical atmospheres and create great songs.

Her latest release, Good to Know clocks in at 9 songs and 29 minutes, it’s short, but each track is well-crafted, showing off the singer’s ever-impressive vocal talents, her unabashedly direct and open lyrics, and her love of lush, soulful R&B, with each song forming a part in the larger journey across the tracks. JoJo is back and better than ever.

I loved the new album; it’s great. It seems to really have evolved musically from your previous work. What brought you to that point?

Just life. Well, I would hope that as we all get older and have more experiences, we naturally evolve, so I completely attribute it to anything other than just that thing that happens as we continue to change, you know what I mean? It’s been four years since my last album, and I’ve gotten more confident, more comfortable, and, and just brought more trust into the process.

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Listen to the full podcast episode HERE.

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Singer JoJo joins the ladies for another episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service Quarantine edition and talks about growing up in the music business, living in LA, abstaining from sex and new music.

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JoJo is back with the best album of her career, and she made it on her own terms. Good To Know is a throwback not only to the raw emotion of her mixtapes, but also to a time when R&B was more about setting a mood and telling a story than squeezing a couple of singles between studio offcuts. Over the course of 9 songs on the standard edition (there are 11 on the physical release), the 29-year-old takes us on a brutally honest journey about making mistakes, recognizing bad habits and working on being a better version of yourself.

I recently called up the enduring hitmaker to get a break down of the three, distinct acts of Good To Know and to find out more about her personal journey. JoJo opened up about the breakup that inspired much of the album and explained how the project came together. She also spoke about harmonizing with Mariah Carey earlier this year, promoting an album during the COVID-19 crisis and her plans to release music with more regularity. Catch up with the much-loved vocalist in our Q&A below.

How do you feel now that the album is out there in the world?

It feels like taking an exhale. It feels like I was waiting to exhale and now I can breathe a little bit because when I’m obsessing over something, I can fall into an unhealthy, perfectionist mindset.It cleared space for me. Music isn’t meant to be hoarded or obsessed over by the artists. It’s meant to be shared, in my opinion, so I’m so happy that it’s out. It feels really validating to have people be like, “Oh my God, I relate to this so much.” It makes me feel not alone and it makes me feel understood. I get a lot from it and I’m very thankful.

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Grammy Winning Singer JoJo jumped in the Lemonade Stand to talk about her highly anticipated album “Good To Know” after a 4 year hiatus from music. JoJo left it ALL at the Lemonade stand with Leah Henry. She talked about what artists should look for in contracts after her previous battles with Labels and OF COURSE She sang a little bit off the album. Plus things got awkward as her aunt crashed the IG live once she started talking about her sex life… Two words… “AUNT CONNIE!” See it all for yourself in the full interview below plus check out her new music video with Tory Lanez on their song “Comeback”

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JoJo burst onto the scene at only 14 years old with her 2004 debut single “Leave (Get Out)”, an incredible, soulful jam that is already stuck in your head just from reading the title. After releasing two albums as a teen, a dispute with her label led to those tracks being held away for years from any and every online streaming or purchase outlet. After settling the dispute in 2014, she re-recorded the albums and started putting out new music, conveying a newfound strength and ownership of her voice. And that’s not even mentioning her acting career, starring in films such as RV and Aquamarine.

Today that evolution continues, with her new album, good to know. JoJo breaks her story into three clear chapters, detailing excess, self-realization, and growth in soulful R&B-tinged tunes. In this chat, JoJo discusses sharing her life’s trials and joys, what she learned from the late Robin Williams, her Quarantine Island Discs, dreaming of Joni Mitchell, and so much more.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

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For Joanna Levesque, who performs as JoJo, the freedom of her new album was over 15 years in the making.

JoJo was just 13 years old when her song “Leave (Get Out)” hit No. 1 on the Billboard pop charts in 2004. At the time, she was the youngest artist ever to hold that spot. “Too Little Too Late,” the lead single for her second album, made it even further to No. 3 on the Hot 100, and in 2008, JoJo promised fans on her Myspace page that her third album would arrive in time for her 18th birthday.

The album never came. In 2013, JoJo sued her label, Blackground Records and Da Family Records, and was released from her contract the following year. In 2018, she re-recorded and re-released her first two albums, JoJo (2004) and The High Road (2006), after they had been previously removed from streaming services. (Taylor Swift, who likewise doesn’t own her masters, has stated she’ll make a similar move in November.)

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