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The pop performer tells the Recording Academy about rerecording her 2004 self-titled debut album, what she wishes she’d known about the music industry at 12 years old, and what she’d like to do next

“There are things that just cannot be taken away from me,” says JoJo. “And that’s my history, my voice, my spirit.”

Over the years, that’s exactly what the pop star has reinforced, though her approach—always using her voice, her spirit—took a lot of strength and resilience. In an age in which seemingly everything is available at the tap of a finger, JoJo’s first two albums remained absent from the world, as if lost in a patch of quicksand in the music streaming universe. And while dedicated fans of the 28-year-old pop star’s 2004 debut, JoJo, and 2006 followup The High Road, certainly felt their absence, the voice behind them, unable to share her music with the world, felt that loss more deeply.

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JoJo Is Reclaiming Her Time

When JoJo first emerged in 2003, she was just 13 years old with a fully formed sound that fit nicely into pop and R&B radio markets. So when her first single “Leave (Get Out),” from her self-titled 2004 debut, came on the radio, I, like most teens I grew up with, couldn’t believe that such a big voice could belong to someone who was just of junior high school age. As an empowering kiss-off in which JoJo chants “leave!” to a good-for-nothing boy who maybe didn’t return her MASH notes in math class, the song was rendered with such conviction that it turned the former America’s Most Talented Kids hopeful into a bonafide star, seemingly overnight.

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As the clock struck midnight on JoJo’s 28th birthday last month (Dec. 20), the singer gave her fans an unusual gift: new, completely re-recorded versions of her first two albums, 2004’s JoJo and 2006’s The High Road.

Though her highly publicized legal battle with her former label, Blackground Records, appeared to come to an end in 2014, when she announced a new deal with Atlantic, those two albums remained a link to a dark time in her life when she felt her career was held hostage. JoJo (born Joanna Levesque) didn’t own the master licensing to the original recordings, so Blackground controlled what happened with the songs and where they appeared. The albums were at one time available on streaming services, but the label — the same one responsible for the absence of Aaliyah’s complete catalog on streaming services — had long since removed them. (Read More…)

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You remember JoJo. Even in the early ‘00s, when the next Britney Spears was seemingly popping up by the dozen, there was always something special about the pop singer. JoJo, with her soulful vocals and wide-eyed appeal, seemed poised for pop superstardom from the moment she released her #1 hit “Leave (Get Out)” and caused every teenage girl (plus me) to dump our imaginary no-good boyfriends.

If anyone thought she would be another casualty in an oversaturated pop market (RIP, Willa Ford), JoJo managed to prove the naysayers wrong time and time again. After her debut album JoJo went multi-platinum in 2003 when she was only 13, she followed it up with The High Road in 2006 and another smash hit in the single “Too Little, Too Late,” cementing her status as the pop laureate of teenage heartache. (Read More…)

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After all that JoJo has been through with label disputes in the previous decade, she finally got the chance to release her third full-length album, Mad Love, last October. And almost as soon as 2017 began, the 26-year-old set out on her biggest tour yet, giving her the opportunity to perform those new songs around the world. (Read More…)

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Endlessly talented and wickedly catchy, JoJo is no stranger to the spotlight, having had her first number-one single at the age of 13. Now, after a 10-year studio album hiatus caused by label issues, she’s back on the scene with “Mad Love,” a critical and commercial success that showcases her voice and songwriting – both of which are stronger than ever. FAULT had a chance to speak with her while in the midst of her four-month worldwide tour, and we uncovered just what makes that brilliant mind and talent tick. (Read More…)

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