Peep clips of JoJo performing at the BeautyCon in New York yesterday.

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I’ve uploaded photos of JoJo at the 2nd Annual BeautyCon New York City Festival yesterday.

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» 2015 Appearances: 2nd Annual BeautyCon New York City Festival

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It’s finally here! JoJo‘s track, produced by Da Internz, with James Fauntleroy has arrived in the form of “Better with Love.” Check out the song below, as well as the rest of Da Internz’ mixtape, Everyday Is Valentine’s Day.

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View pictures of JoJo attending Los Angeles Fashion Week on Saturday night below.

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» 2015 Appearances: L.A. Fashion Week

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Check out video of JoJo performing at Fader Uncapped in New York last week.

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JoJo is all grown up and looking incredible in her brand new music video.

Only ETonline was with the 24-year-old on the set of “When Love Hurts,” which marks her first official return to the music biz in almost a decade. After a promising 2004 debut (remember “Leave (Get Out)”?), and an impressive 2006 follow-up (“Too Little Too Late”), the then-tween found herself involved in a years-long legal battle with her record label.

“I was kind of in limbo for a long time where I wasn’t able to officially release music, there wasn’t distribution, and I was just caught in the crossfire of that,” she told ETonline. “My fans really stuck by me they started a Free JoJo campaign on social media. It really kept me going and kept me feeling like I could do this and get out on the other side, so with some great lawyering and some perserverence and belief, I am on the other side. [I] signed to Atlantic [Records] early last year, the same day that I signed the release from my previous label, and got right into the studio a couple months later and then have been just working on music ever since.” (Read More…)

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Imagine this. You get a phone call saying you’ve landed the job as the senior fashion editor at Your first two assignments will be an interview with Serena Williams and then one with JoJo…as in “Leave (Get Out)” JoJo. If you’d told an 18-year-old me that’s where I’d find myself a few weeks ago, I would have said the devil is a lie. But it’s exactly where I found myself, and to say I was excited-AF to interview 24-year-old Joanna Levesque would be an understatement.

“Where has Jojo been?,” myself and almost everyone else asked when she released a new trio of singles—a “tringle,” the singer calls them—earlier this summer. It’s been 11 years since her self-titled debut album dropped! How has she evolved? What does she really think of her tween style? Why now for a comeback? On the day of the video release for her single “When Love Hurts,” I’m sharing the answers to those questions and more. (Read More…)

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