While most 13-year-olds were busy worrying about whether their crush reciprocated their feelings and slurping up the last bit of Coke at the mall food court, JoJo was busy making her swift rise to fame. After “Leave (Get Out)” hit the airwaves, she became the youngest solo artist in history to have a number-one single in the United States, and along with it came a dedicated, diehard fan base. Fast-forward a few years, and the internet was littered with headlines like “Where Is JoJo Now?” (Read More…)

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When JoJo released her “Tringle” a couple weeks ago, the internet went crazy. After all, this is the 13-year-old girl who pouted at us from our television screens on MTV’s TRL, ordering her two-timing man to “Leave (get out)/right now/it’s the end of you and me.” Following that track were the similarly successful songs “Baby It’s You” and the breakup anthem “Too Little, Too Late.” (Read More…)

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Then JoJo signaled her long-awaited return with the simultaneous release of three singles on Aug. 21. The singer/songwriter’s “tringle” includes Samuels’ “Say Love,” which debuts at No. 34 on Billboard’s Pop Digital Songs chart dated Sept. 12. (In the exclusive video below, watch the pair get emotional in the studio while recording the power ballad.) (Read More…)

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You can buy JoJo‘s tringle on iTunes now. This segment aired on the KTLA Morning News Thursday September 3,2015.

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“It’s a lot of amazing, diverse crowds, but I will say that the gay boys come out in droves—I love them. I fucks with them hard,” JoJo says of the boys supporting her comeback EP, III. “They just show me so much love.” (Read More…)

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Check out photos of JoJo on set of her music video for ‘When Love Hurts.’

Gallery Link:
» 2015 On Set: When Love Hurts Videoshoot

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I’ve uploaded photos of JoJo rehearsing for her video ‘When Love Hurts.’

Gallery Link:
» 2015 On Set: When Love Hurts Videoshoot Rehearsals

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Check out a low quality video of JoJo arriving at the Video Music Awards moments ago. More to come…
Update: Uploaded photos

Gallery Link:
» 2015 Appearances: MTV Video Music Awards

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The promo continues! JoJo has announced a sure-to-be show stopping performance at the Mission Bay in San Diego, CA on Sunday, Septemeber 6th, 2015. Click the photo or HERE to view more information and purchase tickets for the event!

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My favorite set of SXSW in 2014 was both a surprise and also something I felt like I’d spent the last 10 years expecting: it was JoJo—yeah, that JoJo, I said to everyone who seemed perplexed at the depths of my enthusiasm—JoJo at Fader Fort, in a black baseball jersey and a latex bustier, a plaid skirt slit up to the waistline, newly released from a biblically prolonged legal battle with Blackground Records and slamming through a set like she’d never left.

That spring, she’d just released a Valentine’s Day mixtape, featuring this truly great Phil Collins cover; since then she’s been slowly ramping up to her album, forthcoming in 2016 on Atlantic. A week ago, she released a “tringle,” which is a snack-food-suggestive JoJo name for what literally anyone else would (reasonably) call an EP. It’s terrific—dark pop R&B, an old-school vocal showcase with tight, crisp production; a house track, a vengeful ballad, a torch song. JoJo hasn’t charted in a decade, but this III business reminds you that she’s only now, at 24, approaching the age you may have guessed she was if you heard her singing “Leave (Get Out)” when she was 13.

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