JoJo is all grown up and looking incredible in her brand new music video.

Only ETonline was with the 24-year-old on the set of “When Love Hurts,” which marks her first official return to the music biz in almost a decade. After a promising 2004 debut (remember “Leave (Get Out)”?), and an impressive 2006 follow-up (“Too Little Too Late”), the then-tween found herself involved in a years-long legal battle with her record label.

“I was kind of in limbo for a long time where I wasn’t able to officially release music, there wasn’t distribution, and I was just caught in the crossfire of that,” she told ETonline. “My fans really stuck by me they started a Free JoJo campaign on social media. It really kept me going and kept me feeling like I could do this and get out on the other side, so with some great lawyering and some perserverence and belief, I am on the other side. [I] signed to Atlantic [Records] early last year, the same day that I signed the release from my previous label, and got right into the studio a couple months later and then have been just working on music ever since.” (Read More…)

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