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The time has come! JoJo has officially released the first single Man from her new album, “Good to Know.” Check it out below as well as the lyrics: (Read More…)

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YouKnowIGotSoul: A lot of people have been excited about the collaboration you have with JoJo. Talk about that song a little bit.

Tank: Oh man! I wanted to put JoJo in a space. I’ve watched JoJo grow up from a kid and now she’s this gorgeous woman. I think she downplays it and how other people see her. I’m like “JoJo! These streets is talking about you. They want to be able to gawk over you”. This song right here really puts her in that space to where you have to double take and look at JoJo like “Oh my god! I need to go to her page and like some of her pictures”. It’s that type of vibe and it’s so cool because we both got out of a tough situation, so for both of us to make it out of that situation, it’s the first opportunity to come together and do some real cool stuff. It was really a dope experience.

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It’s here! On Grammy night, PJ Morton promised that he would be releasing a new song with JoJo. Four days later, it’s here in the form of ‘Say So.’ Check out the song below:

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JoJo is featured on The Newton Brothers’ new song ‘Don’t Wake Me Up.’ The song is featured on the soundtrack for the Netflix film Extinction starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan. The soundtrack comes out July 27th.

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Kosine of Da Internz has unveiled an unreleased JoJo record from her Blackground Records recording sessions. Check out the groovy track below:

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Surprise! JoJo just dropped a track on Soundcloud called ‘Wonder Woman.’ No word on whether this is apart of a project or not. Check out the song below:

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After 10 years, the day has finally come! JoJo has released her 3rd studio album Mad Love.. Purchase it AND stream it below.


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JoJo just released this FIRE song from her upcoming album ‘Mad Love.’ Check out the massive kiss off song below:

Pre order Mad Love HERE.

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It’s here! JoJo‘s first single in 10 years is called “F**k Apologies” and it features rapper Wiz Khalifa. Check out the single cover below.



Lyrics below… (Read More…)

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