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When word reached the millennial women of Milk Studios that JoJo was in the building, pandemonium ensued. Well, not exactly pandemonium—we are professionals—but there was a palpable buzz in the air, and a lot of jealous looks and whispers as I walked by with her. Celebrities come in and out of here all the time, but Jojo is special. Jojo is ours. And most importantly, Jojo is back.

Born Joanna Levesque in Massachusetts (she has a shamrock tattoo in honor of Southie), at 13 years old, Jojo became the youngest solo artist to release a number one single on the mainstream Billboard chart. “Leave (Get Out)” became the breakup anthem of an entire generation, and Jojo was huge. But then she disappeared. Her label, Blackground Records, refused to put out her third record, and then refused to let her out of a seven-album contract. And thus began the teenage pop star’s eight-year-long legal battle. (Read More…)

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The “Leave” and “Too Little Too Late” singer is back, with some strong opinions on the music industry. (Read More…)

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I’ve uploaded behind the scenes photos from JoJo‘s GQ photoshoot, from earlier today that were posted on snapchat. Thanks to @JoJoBR for the photos.

Gallery Link:
» 2016 Photoshoots: Behind the Scenes of GQ Photoshoot

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Jonathan Soroff: How did you avoid spinning out of control as a teen pop sensation?

JoJo: I really attribute that to my New England upbringing, to be totally honest. I come from a blue-collar background. We don’t fuck around. I didn’t have a nice cushion to fall back on, and I take this very seriously. If I fuck up, it’s my fault. And my family’s going to be embarrassed. So have I gone off and done things they wouldn’t be thrilled with? Absolutely. But I think there’s a way to keep that to yourself and not broadcast it. I was never the one falling out of cars at clubs or advertising that I was high. (Read More…)

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Check out a new JoJo photo shoot taken by photographer Irvin Rivera for Graphics Metropolis.

Gallery Link:
» 2015 Photoshoots: Irvin Rivera for Graphics Metropolis

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While most 13-year-olds were busy worrying about whether their crush reciprocated their feelings and slurping up the last bit of Coke at the mall food court, JoJo was busy making her swift rise to fame. After “Leave (Get Out)” hit the airwaves, she became the youngest solo artist in history to have a number-one single in the United States, and along with it came a dedicated, diehard fan base. Fast-forward a few years, and the internet was littered with headlines like “Where Is JoJo Now?” (Read More…)

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